Air Cleaning

Clean, smoke-free and odor-free air is a major issue for sustainability, safety and quality of life.  

In many industrial activities odor, smoke and toxic air-pollution is produced. Our highly efficiant biofilters protect workers during their activity, citizens in the neighbourhood and the environment by cleaning the waste before being exhausted.


Biofilter Systems

Our patented bio filter systems are very compact. They consist of a wet scrubber, a bioreactor and an electronic control system. The core element is a cylindrical “fluidized bed“type bioreactor. It contains a mass of fine granular media on which the biomedium (bacteria) colonizes. The biomedium is kept under humid conditions and in constant dynamic motion. The contaminated air enters the fluidized biomass chamber from the bottom and comes into contact with the bacteria that degrades the pollutants into nontoxic products which are exhausted through the top of the chamber. The fluidized bio filter bed creates a very large surface area that enables a high level of gas/biofilm contact. This increases the filtration almost 100-fold compared to conventional static bio filters. In the chamber remains a small quantity of neutral bio sludge which is automatically removed from the base of the filter.


Bioreactor based systems for the elimination of toxics, VOC‘s and sulphur components. Plasmafilter for smoke removal.


Food manufacturing and processing, chemical and oil & gas industry, ship industry (e.g. cruise ships), waste water treatment plants, waste deposits, waste-to-energy plants, animal rendering, feather drying, airports and other complex buildings.

Key fact

Highly efficient biofilter systems based on our unique and patented „fluidized bed“ bioreactor technology. Compact size: our systems need only 10% of space of classical biofilters. They create low operating and maintenance costs.

Our biofilters have a significant number of competitive advantages:

  • The “fluidized bed” bio reactor technology is a unique, “gentle“ and clean tech approach
  • Based on the availability of a number of diverse microorganisms, these systems offer a solution for all combinations of parameters in all industries, with a possible operating temperature range from 0°C to 110°C using specific applied microbes
  • The systems combine three different processes in one compact modular device: 1. Elimination of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptanes, NH3 and disulphide. 2. Elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 3. Elimination of odours. The biofilter exhausts odorless air
The elimination of hydrogen sulphide is in excess of 99.6%. The system automatically adjusts to maintain the high removal rate even with Peak surges in the gas stream



The product range covers air flows from 500 m3/h to 210’000 m3/h. The individual bioreactors are designed for 500, 3’000 and 6’000 m3/h.


Grease Filters


A specially designed matrix consisting of stainless steel spirals. FC filter cartridges, aero canopies and water quench systems, ceiling units.


Food chain operators, among them McDonalds, Burger King, TIGF, Angus Steakhouse, Wetherspoons and Chunky Chicken.

Key fact

Patterns in air flow cause grease vapour to condense on the spirals. Grease water mixture collects in a container from where it is easily removed. The filter design reduces drastically any risk of fire. Easily washed under running water or in a dishwasher.